More New Idea To Reuse Old Silicone Bracelets

There are many creative ways to recycle your used silicone wristbands.

Silicone wristbands are all around us. You’ve seen them at trade shows, school events, and sporting events,Do you know What can you do with the old wristbands?Instead of throwing them away or leaving them somewhere to collect dust, there are other creative ways to use them long after your supported cause or event has ended.

It can be preserved and reused or recycle to serve one more purpose.   there are many ways  below:


    1. Bottle & Jar opener          
    2. Rubber bandsfor bag seal 
    3. Tag your bottle or cup ,glasses
    4. Cable tie
    5. Travel Mug Grip
    6. Chopping Board Holder
    7. Phone grip
    8. Key chain
    9. Plant Pot tag
    10. Book marker
    11. Book binder
    12. Wrapping pencils or pen 
    13. Curtain tie
    14. Smartphone shock absorber
    15. Wrist strap
    16. Paintbrush holders
    17. Temporary seal for pipe and hose leaks
    18. Color-coded organizers
    19. Carpet or kitchen mat tie




Now you have figured out how to repurpose your old wristbands.