Judging from the demand and trend of silica gel products in recent years, the demand is gradually rising. Many peoples do business of silicone kitchenware products, if you want to create their new idea to products or deal with silicone kitchenware e commerce business, then, you need find right silicone kitchenware factory to cooperate,  please don’t  be cheatted by very beautifully website decoration, just study below tips for how to find suitable manufacturers of silica gel products now ,

1,Production Strength

The production strength of the factory is the most important, because the strength of the factory will affect to the quality & delivery date of products, you can check below point:

  • 1) how many of production equipment,
  • 2) how many of employees,
  • 3) what’s the area of company,
  • 4) What’s Annual turnover ,,
  • 5) Have they made similar products before?
  • 6) how many years the company has developed in the silicone products industry, it is difficult to survive in the silicone  industry without sufficient strength.

Here I’d like to advise that all answer numbers of above terms is not the more the best, it depends on your requirement, if your order Qty is not so big, then the big size factory is not suit you.

Working with experienced silicone factory will be great help to you.

  • 7) How about its development ability? Whether the factory is equipped with mold design, machining accuracy, whether the molding workshop has designers and the process of printing logo, etc.

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2, Quality management

In order to reduce costs, many silicone manufactures do not hesitate to risk  sacrificing quality, reduce QC personnel or have no quality inspection system at all. The right factory should have a perfect quality management system ISO certification, or whether the factory has trained QC personnel, which are implemented in all aspects of different production processes. Whether the quality management process has been implemented. It’s best to take the factory samples to see the quality details of the products : The product surface is smooth? the color is pure? there is no stain or not?  the burr is handled well, the touch is comfortable, delicate, flexible, elastic, smell and so on?


3, Service

You can try to find if the factory responding quickly or not, if sales professionally and patiently ?You can observe its professional cooperation from management to employees, What’s his attitude? Some factory staff are professional, but their cooperation is very poor. They don’t pay attention to your order and don’t want to make order for you as your order quantity is small,   will possible delay one week or more time, which will certainly affect your production and delivery date, reach store time.


4 . Enterprise reputation

If the factory has obtained some awards and certificates, or boss is president of the business association , this company is not bad, also, you can check whether this company have been disputes with other companies or their employees before, how about the capital strength of the factory, and you can also try to got to know the reputation  and customer cases served through a third party or Credit bureau.



After some company have reviewed different factory prices, they choose this one as soon as they hear that the price is the cheapest. In fact, this not correct definitely,There may cause some other problems. Remember you must consider other factors i just mentioned above at the same time.